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influencer marketing results for PR firms is different with Mashhor.
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PR firms are investing like never before in influencer marketing

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Find the right influencers in seconds

Find the influencers regardless of the industry area or geographic location. Use advanced search filters to find the right influencers for your clients' PR firms. Followers? Age? Gender? Locale? All of them? Mix and match filters to quickly pinpoint the influencer that fits all your campaign needs.

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Audience is important

Assess influencer performance

Performance and audience analytics of every influencer. Check if they have bought fake followers and which brands they mention amongst other metrics.

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Export lists

Sort your influencers into lists

Create your lists of micro-influencers for branding purposes. download your lists into Excel or PPTX and start your influencer marketing campaign. Find their public contact information and offer them to collaborate with you.

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How to use Mashhor?


  • Learn which campaigns are most effective at generating brand awareness
  • Analyze how different influencers impact brand visibily and impressions
  • Analyze audience metrics of a huge sample of influencers to create your branding campaign

Social Media Marketers

  • Learn how to target current client with influencer marketing campaigns
  • Identify well-performing influencers and create bonds with them
  • Increase ongoing engagement through recurring campaigns with best-performing influencers

PR Specialists

  • Learn which products or services work best with your audience
  • Create polls with influencers to understand which are your business's weaknesses
  • Select true influencers that match with your brand to create

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